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Circuit des Amusées

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Circuit des Amusées

Circuit des amusées is a chance to explore 9 museums in the Lac-Saint-Jean region at a reduced price! Visit three or more establishments and get a 15% discount on the cost of regular admission. It’s guaranteed fun!


1671, avenue du Pont Nord
Alma, QC G8B 5G2
418 668-2606
info [at]


95, rue St-Georges
Chambord, QC G0W 1G0
418 275-3132
valjalbert [at]


148, avenue Albert-Perron
Saint-Prime, QC G8J 1L4
418 251-4922
cheddar [at]


243, rue Hébert
Desbiens, QC G0W 1N0
418 346-5341
lepostedetraite [at]

Chemin trou de la Fée, 7e avenue
Desbiens, QC G0W 1N0
418 346-1242
info [at]


1787, rue Amishk
Mashteuiatsh, QC G0W 2H0
418 275-4842


700, route Maria Chapdelaine
Péribonka, QC G0W 2G0
418 374-2177
accueil [at]


250, route de l'Ermitage Lac-Bouchette
Lac-Bouchette, QC G0W 1V0
418 348-6344

La Doré

4205, Chemin des Pionniers
La Doré, QC G8J 1E4
418 256-8242
moulindespionniers [at]