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Route conditions

Route conditions

June 2020

The cycling route is officially accessible.

General conditions of the Véloroute des Bleuets cycling route:

MRC Lac-Saint-Jean Est:

  • Sainte-Monique: Work in progress
    • Alternative route on the 169 maintained for 2020 season. Cyclists can reach it via Rue de la Fabrique through to 6e rang on the 169’s paved shoulders.
  • Alma: Work in progress
    • Major MTQ roadworks in the Isle Maligne area. An alternative route has been set up for cyclists.
    • Downtown - Construction work is underway near Île Ste-Anne. Possibility of some heavy equipment on the path. Some signs have been put up to ensure users’ safety
    • Route displacement from des Bouleaux street to des Ormes street from June 22th.
  • Saint-Gédéon: Work in progress
    • Construction work is underway: both road and bicycle path are being refurbished. On gravel for now, cyclists are invited to get off their bike and walk through the construction zone.

MRC Domaine-du-Roy:

  • Roberval: Work in progress
    • Some construction work is underway on St-Joseph Boulevard. Some signs have been put up to users' safety.
  • Saint-Félicien: Work in progress
    • The city of Saint-Félicien is paving 1 km of St-Eusèbe road.

Stay tuned on the circuit's condition in real time:

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In these special circumstances and for everyone's safety, we remind you to stay vigilant when cycling on the Véloroute des Bleuets and ot observe the gouvernment recommendations in reference to the COVID-19.

Recommendations COVID-19

Sanitary blocks and rest areas