Route conditions

Véloroute des Bleuets is in operation from May 15 to October 15.

Last update: July 19th


  • Detour from May 15th: Deviation route on 169 in Sainte-Monique is maintained for the 2022 season. Cyclists must access it from de la Fabrique street up to Rang 6 via the 169’s asphalted shoulders.


  • Roadwork in progress on ”pont de la rivière aux Chicots” (bridge) in Saint-Cœur de-Marie sector, traffic alternating with a signalman. Roadwork started on April 25th.
  • From June 15th to August 24th: Affiliated network – Roadwork on boulevard des Cascades, between avenue de Quent and rue Scott Ouest a deviation route in place.
  • Decking work on the wood bridge between ran Melançon and camp de Touage- Les-Îles. A signalman for circulation on foot.
  • Roadwork in progress: a new cycle path next to the roundabout.


  • From June 13th: Roadwork in rang des Îles, circulation in alternance with a signalman (gravel sections).


  • From May 15th : Roadwork on the Saint-Joseph boulevard, construction of the municipal courthouse. Deviation route on avenue Roberval, Otis street and avenue Saint-Pierre.


  • Section of Chute-à-Michel is closed for shoreline stabilization work.


  • From May 14th: Roadwork in progress on Route 169 bewteen the municipal camping and des des Champs street, a deviation route is in place.


  • From May 29th: Roadwoark in progress on the bridge of Mistassibi River, a shuttle is in place.
  • Construction of a new street, a deviation route is in place on rue Coulombe, from 14e avenue, going through rue Evans and de la Fabrique.


  • Gravel section on km 27.5

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