Please be careful while cycling. Sharing the road with pedestrians, other cyclists and vehicles is essential. For everyone’s safety, let’s do our part for all road users.

Safety instructions

Be visible and predictable, day or night

  • Signal your intentions before stopping, passing or turning. Know your signals! Use your left arm before making a left turn or when stopping. Use your right arm before making a right turn.
  • Do you ride in the evening? Make sure you have proper visibility lights on your bicycle (white light at the front and red light at the back).

Be courteous; respect everyone on the road

  • When overtaking someone, use the left lane and keep a distance of two metres.
  • Pay attention to others.

Respect the Highway Safety Code

  • Ride in the direction of traffic.
  • Adapt your speed when riding in an area shared with pedestrians or vehicles.
  • Obey traffic signs and rules: stop at red lights and at stop signs.
  • Cyclists, take the bike lanes when they are available. Please respect the Highway Safety Code.

Choice of equipment

  • Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. Make sure it fits snugly on your head when purchasing. Adjust the strap under the chin and remember to readjust it frequently.
  • The bell is the cyclist’s friendly horn. It’s quite useful!
  • The Highway Safety Code specifies that cyclists must be equipped with the following reflectors:
    • White on the front;
    • Red at the rear;
    • Amber on the front wheel;
    • Red on the rear wheel;
    • Amber on each side (front and back of the pedals).

Prohibited actions

  • Do not ride while impaired
  • Domestic and farm animals are prohibited for circulating on the pathways
  • Do not litter – please use identified garbage cans along the way
  • Do not ride with earphones or headsets
  • Do not damage equipment or climb on structures or buildings
  • Do not sell, solicit or hold a demonstration
  • Do not post commercial signs or advertising

Pathway code of conduct

  • Circulate on the extreme right of the pathway and pass to the left side
  • Circulate in a single file when travelling in a group
  • Circulate at a reasonable speed and avoid dangerous manoeuvres.
  • An adult must accompany a child under the age of 12 years
  • Move off the cycle pathway when stopped
  • Use a passenger seat when transporting another person
  • Respect the posted signs along the pathways
  • Dismount from your bicycle when crossing a dam (the Rio Tinto Alcan dam)
  • Wearing a cycling helmet is strongly recommended

Authorised users of pathways

  • Bicycles, electric bicycles, tricycles and kick scooters
  • Rollerbladers and pedestrians
  • Electric vehicles for persons with disabilities
  • Emergency vehicles and public safety vehicles
  • Maintenance equipment

Accessibility for people with restricted physical abilities

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