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The Véloroute des Bleuets, the first electrified cycle circuit in North America.

Discover the velovoûtes

5 bike-energy charging stations for electrically assisted bikes.

Each bollard is made up of 4 parking lots, barred, with compartments for your accessories. You can therefore recharge your bike's batteries and store your accessories safely.

A charge, reliable and secure:

  • No manipulation with high voltage devices (110v)
  • Modern magnetic couplings replacing traditional sockets
  • The battery can remain on the bike during charging or secured in a velo-vault
  • Automatic disconnection of the charging cable in the event of overload (eg lightning)

How it works?

You have two options, the first is to bring your own cable, please make sure it is compatible with the terminals first. The second is to borrow the cables available to you in each bicycle house. Come see our bike experience advisers to get a cable, while you recharge your bike's batteries.

Do you want to bring your own cable?

Cables compatible with bike-energy charging stations are available on the website: